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Corrugated and Paperboard Boxes

If you’re shopping for packaging in Philadelphia, USA, there are many options available to you. Corrugated and paperboard boxes, as well as plastic containers are among the many choices you have available; each type offers their own set of advantages – the ideal one depends on your individual requirements.

If you want your box to withstand stacking, select a flute profile with high ECT values. ECT measures how much pressure a piece of corrugated can withstand before giving way and ranges from 23ECT for single-wall corrugated material up to 120ECT when considering triple-wall construction.

Corrugated fiberboard (kraft containerboard), commonly referred to as corrugated fiberboard, consists of two thick pieces of flat liner board connected by fluted medium. This fluted medium features air pockets which give strength and durability; making corrugated boxes often more environmentally-friendly options than cardboard ones for shipping heavy items.

Custom Printing

VSL Packaging offers custom printing services to assist businesses in creating unique and beautiful product packaging. Their services include design, prototyping and 3D renderings as well as various finishing services to meet various budgetary restrictions and specifications.

The company’s products are designed to minimize environmental impacts. Furthermore, they offer recycling solutions, which enable customers to reuse their packaging for other uses. Their product lines are suitable for pharmaceutical and food use – for instance the SUMILITE(r) VSL series has high moisture resistance properties ideal for packaging capsulated drugs or non-pyrazolone painkilling medicines that require moisture resistance packaging.

At their main location at 239 West 29th Street Ground Floor in Manhattan, New York USA, this company operates as a smaller packaging supply store that competes with larger stores such as Paper Mart and ClearBags, and other online suppliers like Bags & Bows and Amazon Packaging Supply Shop.


VSL Packaging Company offers various labeling options for various products, such as HD flexographic printing, matte and gloss effects, Inno-Lok pre-zippered rollstock with cold seal application capabilities, vendor managed inventory (VMI), safety stock programs and ongoing plant floor support. In addition, they maintain an extensive network of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Plaintiffs allege in Count 1 of their Amended Complaint that there existed a RICO enterprise involving defendants, members and representatives of the Cavazza Family, Italian manufacturers of VSL#3, and packaging and promotional material suppliers such as Alfasigma that sought to manufacture, market, and sell VSL#3 under false pretenses by deceiving consumers by falsely representing it as identical with De Simone Formulation; affirmatively marketing VSL#3 through packaging and promotional materials; and providing content for false statements posted on VSL#3 website controlled by Alfasigma.

As the allegations of false affirmations were sent via interstate wires and the Internet as well as through U.S. mail, it would not be equitable to dismiss this breach of express warranty claim at pleading stage.

Packaging Materials

When designing packaging, it is crucial to take the environmental impact of materials into account and their appearance on shelves. Doing this can help avoid legal complications or the loss of distributor acceptance; additionally it must withstand shipping transportation while protecting its contents.

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Some companies are taking steps to meet sustainability goals through alternative packaging materials, like Huhtamaki’s sustainable solutions for food and beverages, pet food, personal care products and household goods. It also provides light weight flexible materials like retort pouches and barrier films – ideal solutions for meeting sustainability objectives.

Other companies opt for more eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable plastics or bamboo for their packaging needs, offering good barrier properties at reduced costs than traditional plastics and being easily recyclable while making an array of products that resist moisture and oxygen better than plastic alternatives.

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